Waterjet Cutting

We are a leader in water jet cutting in New England. Our cutting capacity includes a 32 square foot table, 60,000 psi water jet CNC
machine and we use the latest computer technology to program your project.
We can cut stone as much as 4” thick and have cut ½” titanium. 

Project Management

Thurston Garrett is unique force in the world of masonry, hardscape and restoration projects. Over the years we have worked for large public, private and Government entities to ensure that projects are on-time, to exacting standards
and on-budget.

Soapstone Boston 2.jpg
Stone Countertops

We built our fledgling company on the countertop market way back in the beginning. We still love doing it!
If you are looking for shiny, erratic or low quality but cheap countertops our advice is to keep looking. Our roots are in Vermont where quality, thoughtful design and uniqueness matter.



Thurston Garrett is the result of over 40 combined years in the stone industry. Founded by Shane Thurston and Patrick Garrett in 2004 we have evolved into a unique force in the design, fabrication, installation and project management of stone and metal projects.
While others in the industry are defined by their “wheelhouse” we built our company and reputation on being an ever evolving mindset constantly looking
for new challenges and pairing with some of the top sculptors, architects and contractors to facilitate projects that some simply said couldn’t be done. What we bring to the table is a hard earned knowledge of the use of stone and architectural metals to your project. We have a vast knowledge of virtually every granite, marble, slate, soapstone, bronze, or unique metal in the industry.
We specialize in new installations, restoration and unique finishes. Whether your project is a countertop, a civic memorial, hardscape, restoring a
bridge or building we are there every step of the way!




Head Office

275 Medford St Charlestown, MA 02129

220 Lost Meadow Corinth VT 05039

(802) 661-8257

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