Monuments and Memorials

Memorials can mean many things, they can symbolize a person, an event, a place or even unspeakable tragedies. Over the years we have produced memorials for individuals, events such as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing. One thing holds true for us, that each one be unique and personal. Run of the mill mass produced memorials are not our thing. Stone and metal are two materials that lend themselves to everlasting memorialization…you can find us at the intersection of those two materials.

We partner with designers and some of the top stone carvers in the world to bring about one of a kind projects. On a simpler level we are happy to work with an individual family to find the right stone, engraving and message.We offer in house production, engraving and carving. In certain markets we also offer setting and installation services. We have worked with most cemeteries in New England, and every city from Boston to Washington DC. It all starts with an idea, a message and a vision………

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