Project Management

Thurston Garrett is unique force in the world of masonry, hardscape and restoration projects. Over the years we have worked for large public, private and Federal entities to ensure that projects are on-time, to exacting standards and on-budget.We have slogged through muddy quarries in Brazil, hung from large granite towers in Boston, carved hardscape features on private islands all in the name of making any project a success.

We offer shop drawings, documentation, consultation, budgeting, fabrication, finishes and installation services. We realize our strength is not just in what we know internally but in having the ability to bring together the right team of experts to make any project a success.Every project has its challenges, steering those to a streamlined effort to keep any project on track is our goal. It’s about solutions!

Whether you are a designer, contractor, installer or owner we can bridge the gaps between all the different entities to keep the project moving forward.


Patrick Garrett


Over 25 years experience in the stone industry from working in quarries to designing some of the most unique stone monuments on the east coast


Shane Thurston


Shane has over 15 years of experience in stone project design, waterjet operation, as well as stone cutting and design


Noah Garrett


Noah works with architects and designers to create shop drawings and fabrication files.


Eli Garrett


Eli works in the shop to insure pieces meet quality expectations as well as helping to load, ship, and install.