Reclaimed Stone

Some might call us hoarders, others conservationists while some just plain
crazy. We have always had a vested interest in the history of building stones, the quarries, fabrication techniques and finishes of bygone eras.
Some stones have such remarkable and unique stories that we go out of our way to re-claim or re-use them whenever possible. These range from
brownstone, marble and various granites.
We specialize in exact reproduction stones typically for use in historical
preservation projects. One of those stones is brownstone. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to pull together one of the largest inventories of re-usable brownstone in New England. Whether your project is one window sill or the complete restoration of a brownstone façade we are there to help.
We also have many other stones from bygone quarries such as the Rockport and Cape Ann materials that have not been available in over a century. We can provide masonry and veneer stones with the original finish and patina for your project. Many of the stones have the original “feather and wedge” holes from when the stone was being shaped.
Some stones simply are not available anymore and we have been pulled into
several projects where we find suitable alternates.