Waterjet Cutting

Thurston-Garrett can cut anything from titanium to cardboard!

We are a leader in water jet cutting in New England. Our first project was for a 9/11 Memorial in New York City in 2004 and we haven’t looked back since. With
the unique ability to cut a variety of materials including stone, metal, plastics,
glass, porcelain, tile or wood we look forward to what your project involves.
Our cutting capacity includes a 32 square foot table, 60,000 psi water jet CNC machine and we use the latest computer technology to program your project.
We can cut stone as much as 4” thick and have cut ½” titanium. Our machine has been used for flooring mosaics, signage, furniture, aerospace and creating
exact templates for large installations.
We find that waterjet dovetails nicely with our other fabrication processes. In the growing field of inset metal letters into hardscape stone pavers we can both fabricate the letters and hand set them into the stone under one roof.
We can utilize your .dxf, .dwg or AI files or we can create them for you. 


We can cut nearly material into the design you're looking for whether it's designed in house, or submitted by you.


We offer in house design for nearly any waterjet project you can think of utilizing the latest versions of design software to facilitate sho drawings and fabrication files.


Our waterjet is capable of taking on an imense variety of projects, contact us to learn more and get started on your custom project today!

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